How To Choose A Personal Injury Attorney

Since 1990, the trial lawyers at Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, in Warrenton, have been aggressively protecting the rights of people injured in accidents caused by another party’s negligence or misconduct. During that quarter of a century, we have noticed a difference in the way many personal injury attorneys and law firms approach personal injury and wrongful death litigation. We believe our approach is more effective, and we would like to share with you why we feel this way.

What To Look For When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Chances are, you never hoped or expected to need a lawyer to help you recover financial damages after an accident. After all, you probably thought that’s what insurance companies are for. That’s what most people think, until they have to file a claim.

Your personal injury lawyer should know the process steps. Whether you are filing a claim against your own insurance company because an uninsured or underinsured driver caused your accident and injuries, or seeking damages from the other party’s insurer, the claims process is complicated. The insurance company will expect records and reports down to the smallest detail. Even in the most obvious cases, there will likely be claims rejections or delays, while more and more information is required. In the worst cases of bad faith insurance, the insurance company will make it so difficult that many people just give up.

At Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, our lawyers understand the process steps and will not give up until your case is fully resolved and you receive the full and fair compensation you are entitled to.

Your personal injury lawyer should know your circumstances. Personal injury and wrongful death claims are not just about the paperwork involved. There is a real individual or family behind every injury. By taking time to understand your story, our lawyers are better able to put a human face to the evidence. When we sit down to negotiate a settlement with the other side, or take your case to trial, we are prepared with more than just facts and figures. We are prepared to tell your story.

Your personal injury lawyer should be able to explain everything in terms you can understand. The civil court system in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a complex process involving hearings, affidavits and depositions. Lawyers need to know it. You need to understand it. We take the time to explain the process steps in terms that make sense to you.

We will explain everything throughout your case and make sure you understand the consequences of decisions you may need to make as the case progresses. We will be honest with you about potential setbacks and outcomes. Through it all, you remain empowered with the knowledge you will need when making final decisions about your case.

Your personal injury lawyer should have a proven record of success. Most law firms will brag about the high-dollar settlements and awards they have obtained on behalf of their clients. But when a law firm says they obtained a $1 million settlement when the right amount should have been $3 million, is it really something to brag about? We are proud of our record of success and are prepared to discuss the results relative to your own case.

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