Drug Distribution

If you have been accused of drug distribution or drug selling? In Virginia, possession with intent to distribute is a felony that can cause you to lose your job, harm your educational prospects and land you in jail if you are convicted. Let an experienced drug defense attorney from the Warrenton law firm of Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, defend you aggressively against the charges, regardless of how severe they may seem.

The seriousness of a sentence will depend on the type of drug and the amount, as well as a person’s criminal history. An individual may be charged with intent to distribute because of the amount alone, even if there is no evidence of actual distribution.

Helping You Keep All Legal Consequences To A Minimum

At Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, we vigorously defend our clients against drug crime charges of all kinds. We can fight for your legal rights and explore every defense option if the charges against you involve:

  • Marijuana: Possession of between half an ounce and 5 pounds typically leads to distribution-related charges, while possession of more than 5 pounds can lead to jail time of five to 30 years
  • Heroin and cocaine
  • Prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, oxycodone and Percocet
  • Methamphetamine

How can we help you? In drug distribution cases, the first thing we do is conduct a thorough investigation of the matter, gathering as much information as possible in order to prepare your defense. Our attorneys will talk to potential witnesses, review evidence (which often includes police reports related to search and seizure and traffic stops, and the seized substance itself), conduct research, work with private investigators and identify potential experts whose testimony may support your defense.

In most cases, we will find ways to challenge the evidence and the law enforcement actions that led to the arrest. In every case, our goal will be to either reduce the charges or have them dismissed. When treatment, probation or diversionary programs are available, we will explore them on your behalf.

Contact Our Firm’s Fauquier County Drug Distribution Lawyers

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