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Why should you seek full compensation?

Workers in Virginia who get injured on a construction site will have a lot to deal with. Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, will help you move forward after an incident and learn how to navigate your life in the aftermath.

First, it's important to fight for the full extent of your possible benefits. In many situations, that is not what's going to be offered right off the bat. However, full compensation may be necessary. You could be dealing with short-term issues like broken bones, and you may need to take time off of work to fully recover. Hospital, emergency room and ambulance fees can also stack up quickly.

Virginia considering expanding its distracted driving laws

Currently, Virginia law prohibits drivers from engaging in certain activity on their phone when driving. For example, all drivers in the state are banned from texting or emailing behind the wheel. Also, there is a cellphone use ban for school bus drivers and certain young drivers.

However, some states go further, banning handheld phone use for all drivers. A bill has come before Virginia’s legislature that would move Virginia in-line with these states.

5 defenses that won't help you against a traffic ticket

We've all heard miracle stories from the friend who was driving a thousand miles over the speed limit, but got his speeding ticket thrown out of court because his defense attorney was a "miracle worker." But the reality is, your friend was probably exaggerating and the story isn't as good as the one he or she told you.

While there's a lot you can do to defend yourself in the case of an unlawful or questionable traffic ticket, there are some defenses that probably won't work. Here's a list of defense ideas that people accused of traffic tickets often try to use, but they rarely work, if ever:

5 tips for handling difficult child custody situations

Child custody situations are complex matters that must be handled in the proper manner so that the children can thrive. When kids don't have parents who can work together and put them first, there is a chance that they might not have the stability and consistency they need.

It can be difficult to work together with your ex, especially if the divorce was contentious. In these cases, planning your next steps might make things easier.

How to protect your inheritance before a Virginia divorce

Familial wealth can be a great boon to those who inherit it. Even though you likely have a career, knowing you stand to inherit property from your parents' estate can help defray financial concerns, such as the expense of retirement or medical treatments for serious conditions.

Most people who inherit intergenerational wealth share that windfall with their family, including their spouses and children. While that level of generosity is admirable, you want to take great care to protect yourself and your inheritance, even from the people you love and trust the most, such as your spouse.

Virginia Expands Criminal Defendants' Rights to Inspect Evidence Prior to Trial

Ending a nearly three year debate, the Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that those accused of committing criminal offenses will be entitled to inspect evidence relevant to his or her case including police reports, written witness statements, written summaries of statements made by witnesses, and a list of witnesses expected to testify for the prosecution. The new discovery rule, taking effect in July of next year, also requires the defense to turn over its witness list to the prosecution before trial. Prior to the enactment of the new rule, criminal defendants were only entitled to review statements made by the defendant, tangible evidence, and written reports of scientific tests.

Reasons for gray divorce

Gray divorce, which often happens after couples have been together for decades, has become more common in recent years. If you thought that making it through the seven-year itch meant you would stay married for life, think again.

Maybe you already are. Perhaps you got married in your early twenties, started a family and raised the kids. Now they are all out of the house, starting families and careers of their own, and you and your spouse have started thinking about retirement.

What is an inheritance partition?

You and your brother inherit your parent's home. It is worth at least $500,000 in the current market. While the will divides up a lot of other assets -- life insurance, bank accounts, etc. -- it simply leaves you both the house, so you have a 50 percent share.

You already own a home with your family, however. You do not need a second house. While you have good memories of growing up there, you know that the best thing to do is to sell the house. If you get $500,000, then you can use your $250,000 to pay off the rest of the mortgage on your own home and set up college funds for your children.

How will you handle shared child expenses after divorce?

One of the most contentious matters when parents divorce is how the children's expenses will be split. Even if one parent has to pay child support, there is still a possibility that there will be other expenses like school supplies or fees for extracurricular activities that will need to be divided between the parents.

In order to minimize potential problems later, it is important to have clear plans for these expenses outlined in the child custody and support orders.

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