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Driving mistakes can look like reckless driving to Virginia cops

Most times, when you break traffic laws and get caught, the worst consequence you face is the risk of a ticket, which could cost several hundred dollars and increase the premium you pay for your motor vehicle liability insurance. So long as you don't cause a crash, you probably don't worry too much about the consequences.

However, sometimes drivers seem to have done something particularly dangerous that concerns law enforcement officers and compels them to upgrade the offense from a mere traffic violation to a reckless driving offense. Unlike typical speeding offenses or other traffic violations, reckless driving is actually a crime in Virginia. That means that pleading guilty could result in a criminal record, as well as up to $2,500 in fines alone.

Lawsuit filed after sidewalk fall results in personal injury

In the state of Virginia, business and property owners must adhere to strict rules and regulations that were put in place for the protection of customers and visitors. In order to adhere to these laws, floors and walkways must be cleared of foreign objects and faulty infrastructure must be repaired. Also, if hazardous conditions exist, warnings must be provided alerting customers to the potential dangers. Neglecting these duties can result in personal injury to unsuspecting patrons.

In another state, a man filed a lawsuit against a store after he fell on a sidewalk and suffered injuries. The lawsuit said the man was shopping in the store and encountered a broken section of sidewalk as he was leaving the store. According to claims, the broken sidewalk caused the man to fall and be injured.

All about wills and trusts

Without question, it is helpful to have lawful protection of assets in writing when planning for the inevitable event of death. A way to do this is with wills and trusts. Wills are fairly basic and detail who will receive assets upon death. However, several different types of trusts exist so a trust can be more confusing for Virginia families.

Basically, trusts are made up of three parties: the beneficiary, the trustor and the trustee(s). The beneficiary receives the benefits of the trust. The trustor is the person who grants control of assets to the trustee. The trustee is then responsible for managing the assets. 

Personal injury: Man files lawsuit after alleged fall at hospital

One of the few guarantees in life is that accidents are going to happen. Obviously, some accidents are unavoidable. However, many accidents can be prevented by taking a few proper precautions. In the state of Virginia, all public establishments are required by law to facilitate a safe and hazard-free environment for all legal visitors. Failure to remove hazards or properly maintain the premises will create unsafe conditions that can potentially cause personal injury to visitors.

In another state, a man filed a lawsuit after he allegedly sustained injuries from a fall while visiting a hospital. According to the lawsuit, the man was walking to his vehicle and encountered pesticide that had been sprayed on the ground. Allegedly, the man stepped in the pesticide, which caused him to slip and fall.

Protecting an inheritance before a marriage

Much of your wealth comes from an inheritance you got from your parents or grandparents before you even got married.

For instance, maybe you got married and divorced in your 20s. Then, in your 30s, you inherited more than a million dollars. It changed your life. In your 40s, you got married again. Now you are facing the prospect of another divorce -- after all, second marriages often do not last.

Wills and trusts: Don't delay planning for the inevitable

Planning for the inevitable event of death can protect loved ones and save them from facing difficult situations. It goes without saying that planning for death is one of the most important things a person can do, yet so many families in Virginia put it off until it's too late. Procrastination is common in estate planning but, contrary to popular belief, the process does not have to be complex or confusing. Wills and trusts can easily be created to ensure that assets are protected and remain in the family. Here are a few tips to help families secure their futures.

The first thing to do in this process is to make a list of all possessions. Take inventory of all property, assets and valuables. To ensure that these things get passed down properly, be sure to also indicate who will get these assets.

Boundary disputes can ruin your enjoyment of life

When Robert Frost waxed poetically that "Good fences make good neighbors," he must never have been involved in a property argument with his next-door neighbor over a fence. But it is just these kinds of boundary disputes that foment discord between neighbors and often spark litigation between the warring parties.

It's obviously easier and much less expensive to avoid a lawsuit than to initiate or defend one. Learning how to resolve these matters outside of a courtroom can be very helpful.

Personal injury: Woman awarded $1 million in lawsuit

Unfortunately, thousands of people in Virginia and across the country are injured every year due to dangerous conditions in shops, stores and restaurants. These public establishments are required to provide a safe and hazard-free environment for all customers. However, routine duties such as basic maintenance and cleaning can sometimes be neglected by employees, leaving dangerous conditions capable of causing personal injury to visitors.

In another state, a woman allegedly suffered significant injuries after slipping and falling inside a store, and she filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the woman was shopping inside a supermarket in the frozen food section when she encountered a wet floor. Allegedly, a water pipe had burst and left water on the floor. The woman claimed she slipped and fell due to the wet floor and sustained injuries.

Wills and trusts will ensure that families are protected

Death is one of the few guarantees in life. Although death is inevitable, its a subject that is never easy to talk about. However, in the event of death, having a plan will ensure that assets and families are protected. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for families in Virginia to put off planning for death until it's too late. Wills and trusts are often thought of as things that only rich families use, but these plans can be used by all families.

For families, having a will or a trust will save money and time. When death occurs without a will or a trust, assets that are left will go through the probate process. Probate is a process that can take several months and can be expensive, thanks to court costs and fees for attorneys. Also, anything that goes through probate becomes part of the public record, so privacy is forfeited. 

Protecting your rights as a small business contractor

Working as a contractor can offer many opportunities for success and freedom, but comes with a number of potential pitfalls that other work does not encounter. One of the most important aspects of operating a contracting business is developing strong contracts that meet the needs of both parties while keeping your rights as a contractor protected.

When problems do arise between contractors and clients, having a strong contract to back you up can prove invaluable. In instances where parties agree to a contract that leaves too much up to interpretation, both sides can intentionally interpret a contract the way that best suits them, and this can lead to legal conflicts that cost time and money, cutting into productivity and profits.

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