Internet Sex Crimes

One of the most common uses of the Internet has been for pornography. There are many temptations on the Internet, and many relating to sex. If you have been charged with a crime relating to Internet sex crimes, there is no time to lose. Contact a skilled sex crime defense attorney today to learn about all of your legal options.

Child Pornography Allegation Representation

Cases involving children are prosecuted aggressively. Traps are set by police pretending to be others creating or sharing pornography. You may succumb to this ploy. If a warrant is issued and illegal photos are found on your computer hard drive, you could be prosecuted. There are defenses, however.

It can be hard to prove that you didn’t accidentally click on a link that automatically placed items on your computer, or that a virus did so. It can be hard to prove that it was you who used a computer to which others may have had access. However, the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, in Warrenton will fight hard to protect you from a conviction.

Defending Those Charged With Online Solicitation Of A Minor

A majority of Americans use the Internet to some degree, and this includes minors. Online users interact in a wide variety of ways, from chat rooms, to blogs, and emails. Police hunt predators by pretending to be a minor open to sex. Depending on the interaction, you could be accused of soliciting sex and prosecuted.

Electronic and digital devices and uses continue to be developed. Phones can now perform many functions of a computer. “Sexting” is sending pornographic pictures to or from a phone. Possession of photos of minors on a phone is just as illegal as on a computer.

Unlike any other crime, conviction of certain sex offenses mandates the lifelong consequence of registration on a sex offender registry. The public will have knowledge of your conviction, leading to embarrassment, ostracism and potentially other concrete problems such as finding housing and employment.

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