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Family Law

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult and emotional times in your life. Some family law issues cannot be resolved properly or successfully without the help of an attorney. At the Warrenton, Virginia, law office of Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, our experienced family law attorneys can assist in dealing with the pragmatic and legal issues so you can focus on your family and yourself.

Settle Or Litigate?

In some cases, litigation must be considered, but we will first take a close look at your case and work hard for a fair settlement that protects your rights. When you first meet with one of our skilled lawyers, we will talk with you about the potential benefits as well as the emotional and financial costs of your case.

Experienced Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights in Court

As you are looking for a family law attorney, you want someone who is compassionate and understanding, but who will advocate for your rights throughout the divorce process. We understand that it is a very emotional time, and we will guide you through the legal process and procedures. Our attorneys take the time to examine your case and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all options, taking into consideration your short-term and your long-term goals.

From our Warrenton law office, we will help you come up with a legal strategy that is in your best interest. We will answer your family law questions and give you the information you need to make the right decision regarding your family’s future. We handle many family law concerns for our clients, including:

What You Need To Understand During Your Divorce

In Virginia, there are two types of divorce, fault-based and no-fault. We will explain the law in Virginia and how it applies to your particular case. You can expect to discuss your assets, your children, child support and spousal support guidelines, and any special needs that should be addressed in the dissolution of your marriage. Areas of the law that may pertain to you are:

  • Equitable distribution: Dividing the assets of your marriage in accordance with the divorce laws of Virginia.
  • Business valuation: When there is a business involved in your divorce, we can help in obtaining professionals who have been deemed experts in local courts.
  • Child custody, visitation and child support: Nothing is more important than the future of your children. We will work with you to see that the best interests of your children are protected.

Contact A Skilled And Understanding Family Law Lawyer Today

From our office in Warrenton, we help clients throughout Northern Virginia. Contact us online today to set up your initial family law consultation or call us at 540-254-0757.