Fathers’ Rights

If you are a father, it is important for you to know your legal rights and responsibilities. Since there is no presumption under Virginia family law statutes that the mother will be granted custody, your rights may include custody, visitation and important decision-making responsibilities regarding areas of your child’s life. Your legal responsibilities may include paying child support and paying for unreimbursed medical expenses.

Helping Keep The Process Fair For Fathers

If you are concerned that your parental rights are being overlooked or neglected in a divorce or separation from your child’s mother, we can help you protect your rights and work toward a fair resolution to all of your family law issues.

As experienced family law attorneys, we have worked with hundreds of fathers like you. We can assist you in resolving problems involving the following issues:

  • Legal custody: Legal custody includes the ability to make decisions about your child’s education, medical care and other important areas of life. Legal custody may be awarded by a court as joint (shared between two parents) or sole (given to one parent), depending on the circumstances.
  • Physical custody: Physical custody refers to whom your child will live with, primarily during the calendar year.
  • Parenting time and visitation: These matters relate to how much time each parent gets to spend with his or her children. We can help you work toward fair parenting time and visitation arrangements, whether you are a custodial parent or a noncustodial parent.
  • Child support: You may have child support obligations as a custodial or a noncustodial parent.
  • Modifications: If you experience a material change in circumstance, our attorneys can petition a court to modify existing orders related to child support, child custody and visitation matters.

Contact A Fathers’ Rights Lawyer Today

Every parent’s situation is different. After taking the time to understand your situation, we can clearly explain your rights and options, and help you make important choices about how to proceed. Contact us to schedule a meeting with an experienced family lawyer in Warrenton by calling 540-254-0757 or by sending us an email.

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