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Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

For many people, being charged with a criminal offense is a matter of being caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time or with the wrong people. Many good, honest people make the mistake of taking an action too far, having one too many drinks with friends, or find themselves or a loved one caught up in chemical dependency. For most people charged with a misdemeanor or felony, it is not the result of living a life of crime. Mistakes are sometimes made by the police.

If you have been arrested and charged, or find yourself questioned in connection to a criminal offense, it is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. Even if you think the police have you “dead-to-rights” with evidence, there may be a defense that will help you avoid the worst possible penalties the law allows.

If You Don’t Think You Need An Experienced Lawyer, Here Is Why You Do

We are the attorneys of Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, in Warrenton. We have been helping good people in Virginia fight to protect their rights, their freedom and their futures for more than 25 years. Your attorney will do more than just negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor.

Here are some reasons why hiring a good criminal defense lawyer is critical to the outcome of your case:

Challenge probable cause for the arrest: This is America. No matter how guilty the police may suspect you of being, unless they had probable cause for stopping you, questioning you, giving you a field sobriety test, they had no legal right to make an arrest. Most of us are guilty of some violation of a law over the course of our lives. That does not give police the right to stop us on the street and begin questioning us until we admit to a crime. As your defense lawyer, we start by investigating the police actions that led to the arrest.

Making sure you don’t incriminate yourself: At the police station, you will be questioned about the crime. Under our legal system you do not need to answer any questions, and you are entitled to legal representation.

Making sure you have opportunity to be freed on bail: At a bond hearing, the prosecutor will generally argue that you are a possible danger to the community or that there is a risk you will fail to appear at your trial. On your behalf, we will argue that you are not a risk of failing to appear and should be released on your own recognizance (no bail) or the lowest possible bail amount.

Building the strongest defense possible: As your defense lawyers, we have a legal obligation to work vigorously to fight for dismissal of the charges on legal grounds, or seek to have the charges reduced. We have an excellent record of success.

Working toward an alternative to a conviction: If charges cannot be dismissed, it does not necessarily mean you will end up in jail. Under certain conditions, there may be options for probation or entry into a program that will allow you to avoid a conviction. We know what programs are available and will work with the prosecutor to find every option to avoid a conviction and jail time.

Fighting to avoid a harsh sentence: If circumstances dictate that you must accept a plea agreement, or you are found guilty in a trial, we will work aggressively to fight for a sentence that is not more severe than what is appropriate for your circumstances. We always fight for the options that do not include a lengthy jail or prison sentence.

Holding the state accountable: Throughout your criminal court process, we make sure your rights are protected. Any misstep or violation of your constitutional rights may be a legitimate cause for appeal.

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Yes, the attorney you hire really will make a difference in the outcome of your case. We have been making sure of that for people charged with criminal offenses throughout Virginia since 1990.

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