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4 possible ramifications of driving with a suspended license

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Traffic Violations

Driving is a privilege that comes with responsibilities.

In Virginia, having a suspended license is a serious matter that can lead to severe consequences. If caught behind the wheel under such circumstances, individuals may find themselves facing a cascade of repercussions.

1. Legal ramifications

Getting caught driving with a suspended license can result in legal consequences. Offenders may receive a misdemeanor charge, leading to fines and potential jail time. The severity of the penalties depends on factors such as the reason for the license suspension and any previous violations. Repeat offenses may escalate the legal repercussions.

2. Extended license suspension

One of the immediate consequences of driving with a suspended license is the possibility of an extended suspension period. Virginia authorities take such violations seriously and may choose to extend the initial suspension period. This can further limit the individual’s ability to drive legally, making it even more challenging to fulfill daily responsibilities.

3. Vehicle impoundment

In addition to legal penalties and extended suspension, individuals caught driving with a suspended license may face the impoundment of their vehicle. Authorities have the right to tow and impound the vehicle involved in the violation. Retrieving an impounded vehicle often comes with additional costs, adding a financial burden to the already challenging situation.

4. Increased insurance costs

Driving with a suspended license can have lasting financial consequences. Insurance companies may view such violations as high-risk behavior, leading to increased insurance premiums. The financial impact extends beyond fines and impoundment fees, affecting the individual’s ability to secure affordable insurance coverage in the future.

During nine months in 2022, Virginia law enforcement made 567,181 traffic stops. For people caught driving with a suspended license, it can lead to additional penalties.