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Virginia Appellate Lawyers

Knowing your right of appeal is crucial to navigating the legal system in Virginia and ensuring the best outcome of your particular legal matter.

Starting Over With An Appeal

Many people will stop at the first hurdle they encounter because they are not informed of their rights of appeal. Even more frequently, litigants do not understand in many instances how an appeal can give them a whole new trial before an entirely different court.

Attorneys with a solid understanding of appellate procedure and the ability to assess the likelihood of success on appeal are vital to the overall outcome in your legal matter.

Whether you are appealing a traffic ticket from the General District Court to the Circuit Court, or you are appealing a criminal conviction to the Supreme Court of Virginia, the attorneys at Mark B. Williams and Associates, PLC, can help. Our lawyers have years of experience at all levels of the judicial system in the state. We can assist you with your appellate issues. We also accept referrals from other attorneys.

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