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Experienced Wills and Powers of Attorney Lawyers

At Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, we provide our clients with estate planning services and tools that enable them to plan for the future, protect their resources and provide for their families. We prepare and revise wills, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents to make sure our clients’ wishes and plans will be honored in the future.

The kinds of representation we provide include:

  • Wills: A will is a document that allows a person to make plans for dividing assets and property after he or she passes away, while also indicating who will be in charge of the estate after he or she passes away. While most people know that having a will is a good thing, they may not be clear on what needs to be in their own will. We can help you prepare or adjust yours to make sure the important issues are covered.
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts: Trusts come in many forms, and they can be useful for some people in planning their estates. A trust can help you simplify probate, prevent certain taxes and provide for loved ones over an extended period of time.
  • Powers of attorney: A power of attorney (or POA) is a legal tool that you can use for various purposes. Some of the most common purposes are: 1) to designate a person who will make Fauquier decisions if you become unconscious, incapacitated or disabled; 2) to designate a person who will be in charge of your finances and affairs if you become unable to do so, either temporarily or permanently, while you are still alive.
  • Medical directives: Medical directives, health care directives and living wills are tools that can be used to indicate your choices about what kinds of health care you will receive if you are unable to make such choices for yourself.

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Each person’s situation is different when it comes to wills, powers of attorney and other aspects of estate planning. It is important to consult a qualified attorney who can help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Contact our Warrenton, Virginia, law firm to speak to an estate planning lawyer about your needs today. Call us at 540-254-0757, or send us an email.