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What are some lesser-known reasons why people speed?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Traffic Violations

Many people drive over the speed limit for reasons such as running late for work or an appointment. However, there are some less commonly known reasons why people choose to drive over the speed limit, leading to numerous accidents across the United States each year.

What are a couple of lesser-known reasons why people speed on Virginia roads and highways?

They see nobody else on the road

It can be tempting for a driver to speed when they do not observe anyone else on the road with them. However, this observation can be misleading since a motorist never knows when another driver might pull out onto the roadway in front of them from a hidden driveway or could cross onto their path from the other direction. Speed limits generally take into account these factors, and that is why governments post speed guidelines along roads and highways.

They are unaware of the speed limit

This may seem like a fairly unlikely reason for someone to speed, especially when people see speed limit signs posted all over and encounter new cars equipped with GPS technology that shows the speed limit at all times. However, it is still possible for motorists to zone out and become unaware of the speed limit on a certain stretch of road, especially when driving in an area where they are less familiar.

By being aware of the more common as well as the lesser-known reasons why people speed, every motorist can become a safer person on the road.