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Consequences of failing to pay your traffic tickets in Virginia

On Behalf of | May 19, 2023 | Traffic Violations

Ignoring traffic tickets can have serious consequences in Virginia. Understanding the potential outcomes of not paying traffic tickets is important to prevent legal issues.

Here are the most common things that can happen if you fail to pay your traffic tickets.

Suspended driver’s license

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has the authority to suspend your driving privileges if you do not resolve your outstanding tickets within the specified timeframe.

Late fees and penalties

The fines associated with unpaid tickets may increase, and the court may impose extra fees for nonpayment. These penalties can significantly escalate the total amount owed, making it more challenging to settle the outstanding balance.

Warrants and arrest

Persistent nonpayment of traffic tickets may result in the issuance of an arrest warrant. If a judge issues a warrant, law enforcement officers can arrest you at any time. This can cause inconvenience, potential legal complications and additional fines or penalties.


Collection agencies often buy the debt of unpaid traffic tickets. In turn, the collection agencies may aggressively pursue the outstanding amount, impacting your credit score and making it difficult to obtain loans, credit cards or future employment. Promptly resolving any unpaid tickets is important to mitigate potential damage to your credit history.

Vehicle impoundment

If you continue to drive with a suspended license due to unpaid tickets, law enforcement may impound your vehicle. This can result in additional costs, inconvenience and further legal consequences.

To avoid these potential consequences, promptly address traffic tickets by paying the fines or exploring other legal options available to resolve the matter. Ignoring traffic tickets will only worsen the situation and can lead to further legal and financial complications.