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Why might paying a traffic ticket be a bad idea?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2023 | Traffic Violations

When you get a traffic ticket, your immediate move may be to pay for it and go on with your life. But paying a ticket is admitting guilt, and it may not be the right decision.

You should always consider the situation and take time to determine if you want to fight the ticket. It could be quite beneficial to you to do that instead of paying it right away.

Circumstances and considerations

Your first move should be to think about what happened that led to the ticket. Did you commit the infraction, or is it possible the officer made a mistake? Were there circumstances that played into the situation that might sway a judge to see your innocence? If you feel you have evidence that the ticket is not fair, then you may have a good case to fight it.

Reasons not to pay

Fighting a traffic ticket when you have a solid argument can be a good move. If you have a speeding ticket, for example, paying it results in a mark on your driving records, which could also add points. It is sure to impact your insurance rates. Fighting that same ticket could result in a judge throwing it out, which frees you of all the consequences.

While it may cost more upfront to fight the ticket, it is likely in the end it will be cheaper. The money you save on paying it will cover the court costs and maybe more. If the judge sides in your favor, you will save even more. Plus, you will not have the insurance rate increase that could happen with a guilty finding.

Fighting a traffic ticket may be the right choice. It all depends on your situation and whether you have a good defense.