What traffic violations could result in a ticket for reckless driving?

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Virginia Code outlines multiple situations where an officer may give you a ticket for reckless driving. Keep in mind that this charge is more serious than a simple ticket for speeding or other minor infractions.

The general definition of reckless driving is operating a motor vehicle in a way that endangers others. The law gives some specific instances that would result in such a charge, but an officer can deduce that your actions were reckless even absent of these conditions.


Speeding is often the cause of a reckless driving charge. If speed is excessively over the posted limit or is too much for the road conditions, then an officer can give you a ticket.

Maintenance issues

If your brakes go out on your vehicle, this could also result in reckless driving charges. It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle you drive is safe for the roadways.

Another issue is if something is blocking your ability to see clearly. It could be something like cargo in your vehicle but also would include a broken windshield.


If you pass in a no-passing zone, then you might face charges. These areas include curves or hills where your line of sight would not be adequate to provide safe passage. Passing more than one vehicle also is reckless under the law.

Driving through a railroad crossing when the gate is down is another situation that will get you into trouble. Driving beside another vehicle on a two-lane road is another example of a reckless situation.

Not properly signaling a turn, not yielding the right of way, passing a stopped school bus and any type of racing are all reckless driving offenses.

Reckless driving is a charge that increases the seriousness of traffic violations because it could result in serious injury or death.

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