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What Does Virginia Law Consider To Be “Reckless” Driving?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Traffic Violations

In Virginia, a reckless driving charge can lead to serious consequences. With that said, you may wonder what exactly the law considers to be “reckless” driving.

If a police officer recently pulled you over and you received a reckless driving charge, you may have more options than you realize. To better understand the charge, consider these questions.

Did the driving endanger someone’s life or property?

According to Virginia’s reckless driving law, driving is “reckless” if it involves careless behavior or high speeds that endanger the “life, limb or property of any person.” In other words, simply speeding is not usually enough to justify this charge. On the other hand, putting someone else’s life in danger can lead to a reckless driving charge, whether you go over the speed limit or not.

Was the vehicle in or out of control?

Another factor to consider is whether or not the vehicle was in or out of the driver’s control at the time of the event or accident. Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sends out safety recall notices for vehicle malfunctions across numerous makes and models.

Although the law requires manufacturers to fix the recall problems via repairs, replacement or a financial refund, accidents can occur before a vehicle owner receives the recall notice. Often, reckless driving happens as a result of a vehicle defect that is outside of the driver’s control.

If you have recently received a reckless driving charge, understanding what it is for can help you fight your case as well as prevent similar charges in the future.