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Virginia introduces several new traffic laws for 2022

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Traffic Violations

Virginia lawmakers passed several new laws that will likely affect drivers across the state starting in July of 2022. WRIC News Channel 8 reports that the governor signed several new bills into laws that could make Virginia roads safer for motorists and affects the way cops issue citations for traffic violations as well.

Virginia residents and those who visit the state may want to review these new regulations before they travel or commute to avoid fines or fees.

The single-file bicycle law

One new law that affects bicyclists can reduce the risk of a serious accident and prevent traffic jams that may occur when cars and bikes attempt to share the road. The new law requires that if two bicyclists ride side by side, one must fall back and ride single-file behind the other to allow fast-moving traffic to pass them. This may reduce several risks for both bicyclists and drivers, including:

  • Vehicles colliding into cyclists from behind
  • Narrowed room for cyclists to maneuver
  • Less time for drivers to react to the presence of cyclists

Cyclists can further protect themselves by using hand signals and wearing protective equipment, such as helmets.

New police citation laws

Virginia police and sheriff’s departments will no longer require their officers to meet citation or arrest quotas or have any such quotas affect job performance reviews. In the past, officers had to reach a monthly quota, which included handing out traffic citations. This may have a positive impact on law enforcement personnel, who may no longer feel the pressure to meet citation quotas.

Those who travel on Virginia roadways may want to remember that these laws went into effect on July 1st of this year.