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Traffic violations result in more consequences than you may think

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Traffic Violations

A traffic violation can occur from a number of offenses, including driving over the speed limit and driving on a suspended license. Although receiving a ticket for some violations, such as speeding or not stopping at a stop sign, may not seem like a big deal, there may be long-term consequences of violation convictions.

Traffic violations run up points on your driver’s license record, which can result in serious consequences if you have too many.

Demerit points

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, when you receive a traffic violation conviction, you also receive demerit points. The number of points ranges from three to six for each violation, and the number of points varies based on the severity of the offense. Additional violations result in even more demerit points.

Length of time a conviction remains on one’s record

A traffic violation conviction does not stay on one’s record forever, with the exception of many violations related to commercial motor vehicles, as most of them remain permanently. The length of time also depends on the violation’s severity, and it ranges from three to 11 years. Demerit points related to the conviction, however, remain for two years after the commitment of the offense.

Consequence of too many demerit points

If a driver has too many demerit points in a specified period of time, driver’s license suspension is usually the result.

How to earn safe points

A driver can counteract the number of demerit points by earning safe points. People automatically earn one point for each year they have no traffic violations, and they can earn up to five points. A driver can also earn five points by taking a driver improvement clinic.