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What are the two types of divorce in Virginia?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Family Law

Every state handles divorce and ends a marriage in its own way. The Virginia State Bar explains the state allows for two types of divorce.

The first option is a divorce from bed and board. The second is a divorce from the bond of matrimony. The names give some clues as to how each works.

Bed and Board

A divorce from bed and board is basically a legal separation. You and your spouse will no longer live together or act as married individuals. However, your marriage is not legally over. You must remain under the separation for at least one year before you take steps to completely end your marriage.

You can request a divorce from bed and board if your spouse abandons you, which means he or she leaves you with the intent to leave for good. The other grounds is cruelty or a valid belief that your spouse may harm you.

Bond of Matrimony

Divorce from the bond of matrimony is a full divorce that ends your marriage. You will no longer have any legal ties and can remarry.

You do not need to prove fault, but there are options for grounds for a full divorce. These include adultery and a felony conviction.

You may consider seeking a divorce with grounds because it can impact the settlement you receive and specific details, such as property division and alimony.

Your situation will usually help you to determine which type of divorce is best for you and your spouse. Sometimes, you may have to file for a divorce from bed and board prior to a divorce from the bond of matrimony.