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Testing equipment and other examples of drug paraphernalia

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Criminal Law

When it comes to drug paraphernalia, you could face serious consequences if charged with the possession of unlawful equipment. In fact, some people do not realize just how many different items constitute illegal drug paraphernalia. Distributing drug paraphernalia can result in misdemeanor charges or even felony charges, in some instances.

With such serious consequences, it is vital to review various examples of unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Taking a look at different types of illegal drug paraphernalia

According to Virginia’s Legislative Information System, drug paraphernalia includes items and materials used to plant, grow, harvest, process, test, package and store unlawful substances. Drug paraphernalia also includes equipment used to ingest, inhale or inject illegal substances.

For example, possessing testing equipment used to determine the strength of marijuana or another illegal substance is against the law. However, the law excludes products used to determine whether a drug has fentanyl. Scales, diluents, cocaine spoons, roach clips are other examples of illegal drug paraphernalia.

Dealing with drug paraphernalia charges

If you are facing allegations of distributing, using or possessing drug paraphernalia, you need to understand your options. Look into any unique details surrounding your case that could affect the outcome and help safeguard your future. Moreover, you should take a look at the potential consequences of the case and take steps to prepare.

Aside from penalties imposed in court, other aspects of your life could turn upside down, whether you lose your job or suffer serious damage to your reputation. Try to stay positive attitude and do not let stress and other negative emotions interfere with your approach in court.