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How should you handle divorce at work?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Family Law

Divorce comes with more than its fair share of uncertainty. For instance, how should you handle the matter at your job? Who should you tell, and who does not need to know?

To navigate this massive life change, see what Fast Company says about the intersection of work and divorce. Learn how to stay on track at work while dissolving your marriage.

Think twice about drastic career moves

A major life event such as divorce may flood you with conflicting emotions. Throughout it all, refrain from turning down a promotion or quitting your job, especially if you want to do so to reduce your income for the divorce settlement. You do not want to try to cheat the legal system, nor do you want to put your career at risk.

Reach out to HR

As soon as possible, meet with one of your company’s HR representatives to discuss filing new tax, insurance and retirement account paperwork to reflect your single status.

Consider the future of your income

You may already have an idea of how divorce affects your income. Sit down and think about whether to seek a promotion or raise to cover your financial obligations. If you and your soon-to-be-ex have shared children, your child custody arrangement may require changing your current work schedule. For example, you may want to scale back on far-flung work trips or stay close to home so you see your kids more.

Sit down with your boss

Your boss should know about your divorce, especially if you anticipate needing to take time off to meet with your lawyer and attend court dates. Further, your work performance may take a hit because of the emotional fallout of divorce, which your supervisor should know about.

Do not overlook how divorce alters your job and career. Draw up a resiliency plan ASAP.