Even two drinks can lead to a drunk driving accident

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It is common knowledge that drunk driving should be avoided. However, there will always be those in the Warrenton area who are reckless or think they are above the law and will drive drunk. Drunk drivers are a danger not just to themselves, but also to everyone else on the road. However, did you know that you do not have to be above the legal limit for alcohol to affect your system to the point that you can no longer drive safely?

It only takes a few drinks to become too impaired to drive safely

For example, if a person has around three drinks, their blood-alcohol concentration may be approximately 0.05%. This could lead a driver to lose small-muscle control, making it difficult to track moving objects on the roadway or steer their vehicle. In addition, this amount of alcohol can impair a driver’s judgment, making it more difficult to respond to sudden unexpected driving situations.

However, what if a person only has a couple drinks. Is that safe? Not necessarily. A person whose BAC is as low as 0.02% can still experience some loss of judgement. This can impair the driver’s vision and ability to divide their attention between more than one task — two important skills necessary to drive safely.

Pursuing a legal claim following a drunk driving accident

What it comes down to is that a person who has consumed even a mere two drinks may not be able to safely drive, leading to a drunk driving accident. Drunk driving breaches a motorist’s duty of care. If this breach causes another person to be injured or killed, a negligence or wrongful death claim may be one way for the victim or their survivors to obtain the compensation they are entitled to.


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