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Accident in Virginia made worse when one driver flees the scene

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Personal Injury

Motor vehicle accidents are, unfortunately, incredibly common in America. There seems to be no end to the potential causes for these accidents, including conduct such as drunk driving, distracted driving and even drowsy driving. But, no matter the cause, any given motor vehicle accident can be made immeasurably worse for all involved when one of the parties involved in the crash flees the scene. That appears to be exactly what happened in a recent car accident in Virginia.

According to reports, the crash in question occurred on June 6 during the mid-afternoon hours in Virginia Beach. It appears that a Ford Explorer collided with another car, leaving the driver of the car injured inside his vehicle. As emergency responders came to the scene, the injured driver apparently needed to be pulled from his vehicle by the fire department. That driver was transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

The condition of the driver of the Ford Explorer was unknown, as that driver reportedly fled the scene in his vehicle. The reports indicate that the search for the vehicle and driver remained ongoing in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

Negligent and reckless conduct by drivers causes car accidents in Virginia every day. These drivers may be held responsible for their conduct through a personal injury lawsuit, which may result in an award of financial compensation to injured parties. Hopefully, the driver who apparently caused the accident in Virginia Beach on June 6 will be apprehended and held to account for his conduct.