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Every year, thousands suffer personal injury due to negligence

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Personal Injury

In today’s world, there are many uncertainties, but one certainty will always remain: accidents are going to happen. While it’s true that accidents will happen regardless of preventive measures, the odds can be greatly reduced by taking basic safety precautions. In the state of Virginia, owners and operators of public establishments are legally obligated to keep their properties free of hazards and safe for all those who lawfully visit. Foreign objects left on the floor and other hazards can cause visitors to fall and suffer personal injury.

An elderly woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she allegedly tripped and fell over a rug. According to the lawsuit, the woman was visiting her sister at a rehabilitation facility when she encountered a rug curled up in a walkway. Allegedly, the rug caused the woman to fall and suffer severe injuries.

The lawsuit said the woman suffered multiple fractures as a result of the fall. The woman seeks to hold the facility responsible over claims that it failed to correct the dangerous condition and also failed to provide warning. The plaintiff seeks a trial by jury, monetary damages and all just relief.

Injuries suffered in accidents like this can lead to a mountain of medical bills and/or time away from work. When hazards and dangerous conditions on public property contribute to personal injury, and no warning is provided, the property owner(s) can be held legally responsible. By seeking an experienced attorney and filing a lawsuit, victims in Virginia could obtain much-needed financial relief to help with medical expenses and lost wages.