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Poe defends his name during ongoing EDA civil case

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Criminal Law

Nine defendants, including Donald F. Poe, were named in a civil suit filed in March 2019 for allegations involving misappropriate use of over $17 million. Recently, Poe defended himself during a bond hearing, where he emphasized his connections to the community.

The hearing breakdown

The hearing is a part of the more significant lawsuit dealing with Warren County’s Economic Development Authority. All nine defendants have connections to the EDA and allegedly the misuse of funds.

Poe, along with his business partner Justin Appleton, ran Earth Right Energy LLC – a solar panel installation company. According to the lawsuit, ERE LLC was contracted by former EDA Executive Director Jennifer McDonald. McDonald allegedly directed over $1.2 million for Poe’s company, and the installation was never performed.

However, Poe’s counsel provided evidence that some work was accomplished, canceled and/or reimbursed throughout the civil litigation.

During the bond hearing, the court reviewed three indictments charged against Poe during the Special Grand Jury interview process. Poe’s attorney pointed out Poe’s continued collaboration and presence at all the hearings. Poe also had previous convictions on his record dated back from 1990, but he served time for those offenses and kept his record clean since.

The commonwealth counsel did not argue against Poe’s appearances in court nor his cooperation throughout the lawsuit. Ultimately, Poe secured a bond for $20,000 and was released on bail in early October.