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Can summer heat trip you up?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Personal Injury

Virginian residents know harsh winters well. The ice and snow can easily create hazards for you to slip on or trip over. But what about the summer? When there isn’t any ice on the road, does that mean you’re free from the potential of slip-and-fall incidents? Unfortunately, no. Today, we’ll examine some of the most common slip and tripping hazards found in summer.

First of all, we have heat-related road damage. Summers are getting hotter and hotter every year for many places. With this, the roads and sidewalks are taking a beating. When overheated for a long period of time, asphalt can become compromised. It can crack, split, form an uneven or bumpy surface, and even pit. Sidewalks can also crack or become uneven through prolonged heat exposure, causing pedestrians to trip.

FindLaw also notes that pools are one of the most dangerous summer-related risks for slipping, and pool injuries can be severe. Not only do you have to worry about slipping and hitting your head or injuring yourself on the deck, but you are also right next to water. If you end up concussed due to a fall, you may slip into the water when no one is around to see you in time. Because of this, you could end up drowning.

Have you been injured in an incident involving slipping or falling recently? Are you considering seeking compensation for your injuries? You may also wish to consider talking to an experienced attorney to learn more about what compensation options may be available to you.