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Changing a child support order

On Behalf of | May 21, 2019 | Family Law

After divorcing, Virginian residents will likely have some sort of child support order in place, allowing both parents to continue financially supporting their child together. However, financial situations are not unchanging. If a parent needs to request an adjustment, they should understand the steps that must be taken.

FindLaw discusses the situations in which a support order may need to be modified, as well as the steps that must be taken to modify it. In some cases, if both parents agree that a change needs to be made, they can have their request approved by a child support agency. The agency will then forward the request to the court after both parties sign off on it, at which point the court will approve or deny it. Sometimes, if parents cannot agree on a change, the court may take a more active role.

The Office of Child Support Enforcement in Virginia provides some frequently asked questions about modifying a child support order. For example, they share that having a support order changed does not cost anything. It also explains that parents who are incarcerated do not have to do anything else to change the payment – it will automatically be halted. The average wait time they give for a modification to go into effect is up to 180 days, though in many cases the process is a little more streamlined.

Since financial situations are flexible and ever-changing, it is important for child support payment plans to be flexible, too. This way, any sudden financial disasters or changes can be adapted to quickly.