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It isn’t too late to make holiday child custody plans

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2017 | Family Law

The holiday season should bring family members together. Parents who have custody orders in force should make plans for the coordination of schedule. In almost all cases, there is a different schedule that is followed during the holiday season.

Even though it might seem as though the Christmas holiday is still far off, you actually have just over a month to make preparations. This includes getting the finer details of child custody worked out. Here are some points for you to remember when you are making these plans:

Take a look at the custody order

Some child custody orders have specific plans for the holidays. Checking the order can help you to find out when your children will be with you so that you can make decisions about plans for you and your child. If there aren’t any provisions for holidays, you might have to follow your normal child custody schedule.

Grab your calendar

Check your calendar to see when family events and other events are being held. Crosscheck those dates with the dates you have with your child custody order. This gives you an idea of how the holiday season will go. It might be a good idea to write out your child custody schedule on the calendar so that you have everything in order during the hectic season.

Work with your ex

There might be events with your family when your ex has your children or with your ex’s family when you have the kids. If you and your ex can work together to exchange dates, you might be able to let your children build more memories with both sides of the family. Just remember that this has to be a give and take. You can’t expect your ex to work with you so you can have your way unless you are willing to do the same.

Remember school holiday schedules

Holiday school schedules require special considerations. You might need to make daycare plans for younger children or figure out transportation for older children to attend extracurricular events. Waiting until the last minute to make these plans might mean that you end up having to take off of work to care for your child. Instead of having to go through that, you need to think about these scenarios early and make plans accordingly.

Your children’s happiness and safety should be a priority during the holiday season. Try to do thing with your children that will lead to good memories.