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Good fences do not always make good neighbors

| Aug 10, 2020 | Civil And Business Law |

Homeownership is a thing of pride for many in the Warrenton area, but ultimately good fences make good neighbors. Virginia law addresses the erection and maintenance of fences in the commonwealth.

Boundary fence erection and maintenance

First, adjoining landowners must build and maintain a division fence on their property lines, unless they agree not to. The building and maintenance of these fences must be shared equally between the landowners. If a fence breaks or needs repair, either landowner can let their neighboring landowner know that they are going to fix the fence, and each landowner will be responsible for one-half of the cost of repairs.

What about “spite fences”?

Sometimes neighbors are not so neighborly towards one another and one might choose to build a fence simply to annoy the other. Virginia law does not specifically prohibit this action. However, local ordinances may address “spite fences” and should be consulted before building any fence.

Seek help with boundary disputes when necessary

People take great pride in their homes and land, and it can be a real headache when you believe your neighbor is not keeping up their obligations regarding fence erection and maintenance. Unresolved boundary disputes between neighbors can often lead to litigation. In such situations, it can help to seek legal advice.

Our firm’s team of attorneys understand Virginia real estate law and understand that minor disputes can sometimes explode into serious litigation matters. However, it is often possible to resolve such disputes through out-of-court negotiations. Having an attorney by your side may lead to a satisfactory outcome without ever having to step a foot inside the courtroom. But, should litigation be necessary, we will zealously advocate for your best interests.