Helping Make You Whole Following an Auto Accident

Auto accidents result in a wide variety of injuries, from soft tissue or "whiplash" injury to catastrophic injuries such as brain or spinal cord injury. Mark B. Williams & Associates, PLC, stresses the importance of getting good medical care and an accurate diagnosis. This will benefit your legal case as well as your health.

Our metro area is congested, especially during rush hour. As carefully and prudently as you drive, you are still at risk of a crash due to someone else taking their eyes off the road, a fatigued truck driver or speeder. Our firm assists people injured in car crashes as well as motorcycle accidents and accidents involving trucks. Unfortunately, the distractions available to drivers now include GPS systems, cellphones, texting and probably additional ones to come.

This may be your first, and hopefully last, car accident with injuries. You may be at a loss for what you need to do to ensure your car repairs, medical bills, lost wages and other damages are paid for by the party who hit you. Our law firm is here to advise you and strive for generous compensation for you.

Trying Your Negligence Case in Court

A civil action in court does not necessarily require a trial. When you retain our lawyers, we will investigate and identify any and all parties that were responsible for your physical, mental and emotional injuries. We will contact and negotiate with them and their insurance companies for a settlement for you.

If an accident has resulted in the death of a family member, the spouse and children may have a case for compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit. Regardless of the circumstances or your injuries, do not make a statement or sign any agreement that an insurance company presents you. First, consult an experienced attorney. Mark B. Williams has over 25 years' experience assisting people like you.

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For more information about your legal concerns and options, speak with an experienced Virginia trial lawyer. Located behind the courts in Warrenton, our office is open during weekly business hours. We also offer evening and weekend hours by appointment. Credit cards are accepted, and we offer free initial consultations for criminal law, traffic matters and personal injury cases. Contact us today by calling 540-254-0757 for more information about your case. There will be no fee unless we obtain compensation for you.